Solo travel Sankari, Uttarakhand

It’s easy to say that i know you in and out but do you? It was 8 at night and i was too frustrated due to work pressure. I wanted to do something silly but adventurous. I called my father and told him the scenario. He came to my room and asked me what exactly you want to do. I said, I don’t know. Maybe, I want to be alone in the mountains for few days and he said okay. Go. I stared at him surprisingly. Did he say……. GO….. So, I booked my stay and at Sankari, Uttarakhand by visiting the website called GoClimbUp.com. I was nervous yet so excited. I packed my bags and tried to get some sleep but I couldn’t. Maybe, a little stress about solo travelling. That too, a female travelling solo, still a big question or i say, a FEAR.

Had so many questions but i just went there. I got asleep in the bus. Heard some bell rings and opened my eyes. Bus driver stopped the bus for a chai break and I saw outside from my window and it was a serene view in front of me. I was so glad that I am alive to see this serenity. I thought of using this time to have a cup of chai but I was so mesmerised to see the view and forgot that we had only 15 minutes there and 13 minutes have already been passed. Nonetheless, I was excited to see this view daily for next few days. The bus stopped, so my heart beats. When you say, you cannot see heaven on this earth. Then, you are wrong. All of a sudden, my busy life schedule had all 24 hours free but just to stare at the beauty. My stay was at hotel “Wild Orchid”. I started walking at my stay and felt something on my forehead, what?????

It was my first rain I’m the mountains. Instead of running to my hotel, I started dancing. I do not like displaying my emotions public-ally in general but was it me? or these mischievous mountains want me fall in love with them. It was our first date but I wanted to explore him(mountains).

I stayed up in my room, took a hot water bath and changed comfortable but cozy clothes. The staff was nice to me and the best part was the hotel owner was a female(Sumitra Rawat) and the way she treats her guests, it was the best experience of my life. My family was assured that I am safe by the female staffs there and what else your parents would ever want.

It was in the evening, I walked towards the farm which I heard, in Sankari, foreigners come and farm here. Is it for real? but when I reached there. What I found was a lady was crying in the corner of a rock. I was inquisitive to know what’s going on with her. I asked, why are you crying? She turned at me, replied with a beautiful eyes, I am happy to see apples in my farm. This was her first time. Loved to see such people, when you work harder, nobody can stop you from achieving your goal.

I continued my walk towards some beautiful cart houses. A few girls were playing with pebbles and went closer to them. There were bunch of ladies, having a cup of chai. Usually, in big cities, nobody asks your health and wellbeing but can’t complain. Everybody is busy with their lives but here, they want to gain knowledge and they were a talkative bunch of girl, I tell you. They offered me chai. I sipped it and felt something new. I never talked to strangers like this. I was feeling so safe and rejuvenating. I wanted to stay here for the rest of my life in a small wooden house in the mountain. What a life could it be?

I tried to explore this cloud touching your face place more. So, I thought of a morning walk and woke up to the most amazing morning of my life, standing on the balcony of my room. I can see people enjoying Zipline from outside my window. I tied my shoes laces and went up there on the road. Just a question, have you ever drunk a water directly from mountains or ran with a cloud or thought about your stressful life with a solution of it?

I promised myself to visit this place every year. I want to kiss the mountain, I want to hug those kids who were playing, I want to love myself again…. Until next time….

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