Kedarkantha Ski Course(Mar 2019)

Sankri, a small village in the valley of the Himalayas in the Uttarkashi district. It’s not just scenic but is the gateway to the many hidden and pristine peaks of the Himalayan range. It opens  routes for various picturesque treks like Har Ki Dun, Bali pass, Rupin pass and many more. One such trek is the Kedarkantha summit trek. Kedarkantha is a mountain peak located at an elevation of 12,500 feet within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the most sought snow trekking destination in Uttarakhand. But many may don’t know of it being popular as a Ski destination in India as it has the perfect powdery snow and slope to attract ski enthusiasts.

To promote Kedarkantha as a Ski paradise, Uttarakhand Tourism Department organised a free ski course for the residents of Uttarkashi district. Local administration and Uttarakhand Tourism Department collaborated with Go Climb Company to organised the State Government’s Snow Skiing Training Programme in Mar.2019.  It was to motivate youngsters and boost the Ski business in the region.

If you’re reading this now you probably know what mountain skiing is and are curious if you could learn it yourself. You probably have seen some sweet tricks on Youtube , played a skiing videogame that made triple corks look like nothing, or maybe you have some skiing friends that talk about their awesome trips to the mountain every weekend, rubbing in their adventures just to one-up you when the most adventure you’ve had lately is picking up a frozen pizza from the grocery store. If you are a complete beginner, maybe you feel it’s time for you to learn to mountain skiing so you can finally ride with your friends, take the sweet trips to the mountains, or maybe just grab some killer posts for your social media. Whatever the case, snowboarding can change your life…for real.

Goclimbup is a professional outdoor adventure and touring agency in India that provides dedicated services to aspiring and professional mountaineers, rock climbers, trekkers, rafters, skiers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts, helping them at achieving their travel goals, with safety and comfort.

We are the perfect companion for managing all logistical details including expedition planning, peak booking permit, paper works, certified professional guides, high altitude porters, hiring state-of-art equipment, managing base camps, cooks, food, and transport. Their meticulously curated packages, custom create itinerary and safely executed adventure trips provide value for money and make the expedition to Himalayas and beyond, a memorial one.

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