Climbing mount Black Peak: my first expedition

When I hear the word Expedition it literally gives me goosebumps, it’s like a voyage I am going to start for a special purpose. Maybe I wanted to join army and get posted in LEH-LADAK surrounded by mountains and snow, apparently that didn’t happen so why not expedition

There was a time when I had factually no interest in any sort of adventure, but then I got a fortuitous to meet GoClimbUp team and in no time, it changed everything. Now I always look forward to such events and when you are escorted by a team like this what more can you wish for. Today I will talk about one of my much-loved trek or expeditions KALANAG or BLACK PEAK.

Kalanag or Black Peak At an altitude of 6387 M/ 20960 FT, Black Peak is the highest peak in the Saraswati mountain range near Ruinsara Valley of the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand. In the local dialect, Black Peak means “Kalanag” since the top part of the peak resembles a Black Cobra. It is the most dominating peak of the entire Bandarpunch massif. Providing a gradual climb from the Southern side eventually leading to a very steep summit climb with a near 70-degree incline and a 75 feet ice wall, the climb to the summit of Black Peak is challenging and technical. It is only chosen by professional climbers for an adventure of a lifetime. Black peak is located in the Govind National Park area known for its diverse flora and fauna. The trail leading to the mountain is blessed with magnificent alpine meadows, pine forests, moraine ridges, boulders, and glacier basins. Being the highest peak in the range amongst Saraswati Devi Parvat (Bandarpunch I, 6316 m) and Hanuman Parvat (White Peak or Bandarpunch II, 6102 m), to reach the zenith of the Black Peak will take a lot of effort and experience.

In the end I would say if you wish to test your limits and reward yourself with unparallel views, witness something which very few people get an opportunity to experience, Kalanag should be in your bucket list today.

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