A walk to Sankari village for a cause

Sankari is a 300 year old valley with a diverse lineage across the globe including Persians and Greek ancestors. This village is not merely a beautiful residence for the locals, but also a path to heaven for every trekker in the Himalayas. The village of 120 families has a larger fragment engaged in agriculture and tourism activities. Sankari is nestled at the foothills of western Himalaya’s Range. Making it suitable place for treks and skiing. Sankari Village in Uttarakhand is a route to The Paradise of Himalayas for every trekker. It is not just a scenic hamlet situated in Uttarkashi district but also a trekker’s delight. The Sankari Village is the last road head to the Govind Balabh Pant Wildlife Sanctuary. The village offers ecstatic views of the Himalayan skyline and a plethora of mountain peaks, gazing at you from a distance. Greenery and forests, mountains, snow clad peaks, wildlife, meandering rivers and wide valleys, alpine lake and waterfalls – the area has all in place. Be it in summer or during winters, you will get something special. For more adventures ones, you can hike, camp, climb, raft or may try the zip line. Rich in social and cultural tradition, the area and surrounding villages are interesting for a cultural tour making it a splendid offbeat tourist destination.

GoClimbup offers various packages for village tours – including walk in Apple Orchids and medicinal herb plantation, Farms, Someshwar Temple. For more personalized experience we arrange home stays. Just let GoClimbUp know of your arrival plans. We will be waiting for you. Till then, keep exploring!

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