Camping alone in the wild

Remember when Bunny (YJHD) said, “tumhare liye ye sirf trek hoga par mere liye ye nasha hai” I felt him. It was a Sunday morning when I decided to go in the wild all alone for a camping and not kidding, I was scared at first but then, thought of the adventure later. I didn’t have my breakfast that day since, I was in a rush. I gathered all the camping necessary stuffs and my back pack. I went to the bus station and the journey began… The bus driver stopped the bus at a dhabha and we had only 10 minutes so, I got down. First, I went to washroom and then thought of grabbing a cup of tea with one parantha but the bus driver seemed in a real hurry. I sat down on my seat. On the way to my Sankari, Uttarakhand, I slept but I was really salivating by then. All of a sudden, I remembered my back pack’s emergency pocket. I opened the zip and found a chocolate there. I ate that like a bear. But that was not it. Somehow, could manage in that single chocolate. I slept after that again. When I opened my eyes, I saw, we reached there at our destination.

I saw mountains full of greenery. Did I book this heaven in just few bucks. I stepped down and breathed in the most clean air through my nostrils. My lungs were the happiest. I saw a couple of people went down too but they were local.

I checked the area and found the spot for myself. I opened all the camping necessities along with the tent. Since, I was unknown of this whole new experience so, I switched in my phone where I saved the instructions in the gallery. After an hour and my sweat, it was ready. The home which I made from scratch, was ready. I was happy and satisfied. I went inside the camp. I laid the mattress and pillow. I was scared since it was my first ever experience. Then, somewhere from the corner of my brain knocked my stomach’s door and it was making noise.

Before coming here, I watched all the camping videos and spoke with people who did that before. So, I knew that if I roam around, I might get something to eat here. I knew a few people from the next village so, I was little relaxed. So, I roamed around… I saw apple trees there. There were a lot of fruits and vegetables’ trees and plants. I was happy. Finally, I could feel oxygen. Now, the real struggle begins…

I had only few fruits to eat but only raw vegetables. And at night, how am I going to fear the darkness. I lid the emergency light. Had one apple and few plums.  A small lake was near my tent, so, I filled my water bottle from there. I had a filter paper to filter the water and filled the pan, I put some vegetables in it to get boiled and added rice. Then, I had to wait for this to get made. I tried to call my mother but unfortunately, signal was not showing in it. So, I listened to few songs and thought about my life for a while. I saw, the pulao was all ready to get eaten. Yayy.

Cooked rice for myself. I ate it in a traditional way. I ate it all. I was full and satisfied. I tried to sleep that night but couldn’t so, I played games on my phone. I remember, it was 4 at night, I was asleep by then, when, I heard someone’s footsteps coming. I was scared and started crying. I heard someone was running towards my tent… And then….

There were thousands of plans of killing myself at that moment. I was praying to God. I was thinking about my parents and continued crying. Then, I opened my one eye to peek from my tent. I saw a couple of people standing outside my camp. I was sweating like crazy in winters. I heard them murmuring. I was curious to know what is going on. They were locals and came there to farm and was murmuring about my safety. Phewwww. I was so relaxed to hear that. One of the aunties asked me if I had food properly here or how am I ended up here. I invited them over a cup of chai and sat together near my tent. i lid the stove and made chai for all of us. They were so surprised to see the technology as I was carrying a battery stove. I had all the necessity items. We all laughed, talked and had the most amazing chai. Then, Aunties uncles invited me over a dinner as I told them about my one night stay camping here.

The life should be like this. Impromptu. In this world, nothing is free. We all have to work hard to get paid. Life should have many tea breaks where we could exchange each other’s experiences. I cannot forget this adventure. I still have tears in my eyes. I love Mountains. Every trip has some learnings to enjoy rest of my life

Thanks to GoClimbUp to arrange the camping necessities along with the tent and to show me the correct roadmap.

  • Amanaulla Gazi
    August 15, 2021

    Fabulous 👍

  • Shalini Sharma
    August 15, 2021


  • Prerna Sharma
    August 15, 2021

    The writing sends some emotions here

  • Alisha Nassir
    August 15, 2021

    Need to visit here.

    • GoclimbUp Team
      August 18, 2021

      Hey Alisha ,
      Your most welcome , please get in touch with your query and will arrange the best trip for you !!

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