Few Physiognomies that make up a Ski !

There are many different skis to choose from (and such little time). There are skis for all the different conditions and varying levels of competency. There is something for everyone, from beginner to professional. Just don’t choose the wrong skis from the get-go because it makes your time on the slopes that much more challenging.

So lets get ready to choose the best Ski !!

  • Arduousness or stiffness

The stiffer the ski is, the better it handles, and the faster it goes. On the downside, a stiff ski is not very forgiving and is extremely sensitive. Make a mistake on stiff skis, and you could end up not being able to recover and suffering a nasty slam. Get the hang of stiff skis and finding the sweet spots to get you to place you never dreamed possible.

  • Camber

The Arc is the shape of the ski along its length. Most skis are camber with the highest point of the arch under the bindings. The arc has several effects when riding, and each type of ski has a different camber, including some high arches and negative cambers.

  • Width

The width of a ski is a great advantage when riding powder, as is makes the ski float more, and gives you a balance advantage at the same time. Width has become a bit of a trend and a movement over the last ten years, with the wide skis, more socially acceptable and acknowledged by the experts.

  • Length

The longer a ski is, the more edge it has, and therefore the more control the skier has particularly at high speeds. With more edge, a long ski is also harder to turn, so it becomes a compromise between speed and manoeuvrability, which is the basis challenge of all board sports.

  • Weight

Some of the more technical skis are super light, carbon fibre-based performance skis, while others are purposefully weighted. The heavier skis are great when the powder is not perfect, as they stick to the snow better, and bush through little mounds, but are a little bit harder to throw around at will. Skiers need to be a bit more aggressive to get the full advantages of a heavier ski.

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