Mt Satopanth Expedition 7075M

2 August, 2023

Mt Satopanth Expedition 7075M

Satopanth Peak is a majestic mountain situated in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is part of the Garhwal Himalayas, which is known for its breathtaking beauty and challenging trekking routes. Satopanth Peak is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India. It lies in close proximity to Badrinath, one of the prominent pilgrimage destinations for Hindus. The peak stands tall at an elevation of approximately 7,075 meters (23,218 feet) above sea level, making it one of the significant high-altitude peaks in the region.

Satopanth Peak is a popular destination for experienced trekkers and mountaineers. The trek to the peak is known for its difficulty and requires excellent physical fitness and mountaineering skills. It involves traversing glaciers, negotiating tricky terrain, and enduring harsh weather conditions.

The mountain was first climbed successfully by a Swiss expedition in 1947, 15 days prior to the Indian independence, the team was led by André Roch. Lately, the mountain has become quite famous for its pre-Everest expeditions, because of its majestic altitude, the daunting ‘knife ridge’ at 6500m, and the technical ice and rock glacial negotiations at 5900 m. Colin Kirkus climbed Satopant’h with Charles Warren in 1933 while a member of Marco Pallis‘s expedition; his account of the climb is included in Pallis’s book Peaks and Lamas.

Satopanth Lake, also known as Satopanth Tal, is a glacial lake located near the base of Satopanth Peak. It is considered sacred by Hindus and holds religious significance. Many trekkers and pilgrims undertake the challenging journey to this lake during specific pilgrimage seasons.

As with most high-altitude treks in the region, obtaining permits from the local authorities is essential for trekking to Satopanth Peak. This helps ensure the safety and proper management of the treks.

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20 Days / 19 Nights
Guided tour
At a glance
  • Gangotri, Uttarakhand
  • May - June & Sep - Oct
  • 81 KM
  • 7075 M
  • 220000 INR + 5% GST ( Uttarkashi to Uttarkashi ) (Max Group Size 10)
  • 3000 INR (Backpack Offloading)
  • 12000 INR (DDN - DDN) (10 - 12 Persons) (Onside)
  • 6000 INR (DDN - DDN) (0 - 6 Persons) (Onside)
Team Himalayan Extreme

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