Kedarkantha: Best Winter trek(3800M) , Oct – Apr

21 August, 2023

Kedarkantha: Best Winter trek(3800M) , Oct – Apr

Kedarkantha is a mountain peak of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India. Its elevation is 12,500 ft (3,800 m). Kedarkantha is located within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi  district. The climb to the peak of Kedarkantha starts from a small village called as Sankari. There are a total of 13 peaks of the Himalayan range visible from the Kedarkantha peak. There is a lake called Juda-ka-talab, the locals say that once upon a time Lord Shiva meditated at Kedarkantha. Its name implies so from the droplet fallen from Shiva’s hair to form this lake named as Juda-ka-talab located at 2,786 m. It usually takes 4 days to complete the climb of Kedarkantha peak. Kedarkantha is best done as a winter trek – from December to April. It is an out-and-out snow trek during these months. You’ll see the first snows on the very first day of the trek, while trekking from Sankari to Juda Ka Talab. Moreover, Kedarkantha is one of the few treks accessible in winter


The story behind Kedarkantha is an interesting one. The name literally means the throat of Lord Shiva (Kedar refers to Lord Shiva and Kantha means Throat). The legend has it that this peak was supposed to be the original Kedarnath temple but Lord Shiva, who disguised himself as a cowhiding from the Pandavas was disturbed during meditation by the villagers. The interruption made him change his location from this peak to the present Kedarnath temple.

Kedarkantha (not to be confused with the popular Temple Kedarnath). There are many reasons why it is a very popular trek to do in the Indian Himalayas.  The most important of them is this the summit climb. The summit climb of Kedarkantha is a very rewarding one.  Right from the base camp of the trek, the summit looms large.  As you start your trek in the early hours of the morning and steadily climb up the steep slope, the world opens up around you.

This snow trek is best known for skiing  for beginners. Kedarkantha ski courses are an excellent way to inject some fun and excitement into your trip. We make sure everyone enjoys themselves – whatever their skill level. With the help of astonished instructors to ensure that  our client acquire all the required skiing skills and enjoy the best experience possible. With a reasonable degree of physical fitness, one can confidently set out on Kedarkantha trek and get to sample everything that the best of an Indian Himalayan trek has to offer. This trek is also highly recommended for first-time trekkers wanting to experience snow trails and camping in the winter snow.

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5 Days / 4 Nights
Guided tour
At a glance
  • Sankari, Uttarakhand
  • Trekking, Adventure, Zipline, Camping and Skiing
  • Oct - Apr
  • 20KM
  • 10 to 12
  • 8,500 INR + 5 % GST (Sankari to Sankari )
  • 1300 INR (Backpack Offloading)
  • 7500 INR (DDN - Sankri) (Onside)(0 - 6 Persons)
  • 10000 INR (DDN - Sankri) (Onside) (10 - 12 Persons)
Team Himalayan Extreme

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